Herodotus (c. 484 – 425/413 BCE) was a Greek author who developed the field of study referred to today as ‘history’. He was known as ‘The Father of History’ by the Roman author and speaker Cicero for his celebrated work The Histories however has likewise been classified as “The Father of Lies” by pundits who guarantee these ‘narratives’ are minimal more than fanciful stories.

While the facts confirm that Herodotus in some cases transfers wrong data or overstates for impact, his records have reliably been discovered to be pretty much solid. Early analysis of his work has been discredited by later archeological proof which demonstrates that his regularly reprimanded claims were, truth be told, exact or, in any event, in light of acknowledged data of the time. In the current day, Herodotus keeps on being perceived as The Father of History and a dependable wellspring of data on the old world by most of the antiquarians.


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